Enisa Nikaj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Age, Songs, Nationality, Net Worth

Enisa Nikaj, AKA Nikaj, born on the 5th of March, 1996, is a well- known American Musician, Songwriter and Model. She’s well- know for her musics like” Love Cycle“, “Count My Blessings”, “Dumb Boy” and Many more.

In this Biographical post, we will take a look at the biography of well- known American Musician, Enisa Nikaj.

Enisa Nikaj Biography

Early Life, Background And Education

Enisa Nikaj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Age, Songs, Nationality, Net Worth
Enisa Nikaj

Enisa was born on the 5th of March, 1996 in Brooklyn, New York, USA to Albanian parents. Enisa has an aged and youngish family, who both have interest in playing Basketball.

For her Education, Enisa studied at the Brooklyn College, where she studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. It’s stated that Enisa loved Music from a youthful age and started rehearsing singing since then.


Enisa Nikaj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Age, Songs, Nationality, Net Worth
Picture of Enisa Nikaj

Enisa started Music in 2015, releasing covers to trending songs, and posting them on her social media accounts. Officially in 2016, she started Music, releasing her debut single, named “Burn This Bridge” on the 15th of September. She released other songs aside that including “Glory Days”, “Freedom” and others.

In 2018, Enisa got her first record label deal and got inked to Atlantic Records. In 2020, she released her global megahit song named “Love Cycle”, which brought her to spotlight and mainstream audience. The song saw wide attention and love from her Nigerian addict base and Enisa embraced the Nigerian name,” Eniola” in their honor. Love Cycle also got a remix featuring King of Afrobeat, Davido, which was released on the 26th of March, 2021. In 2022, Enisa released her launch studio game plan, A Debut EP, named” Fake Love” on the 18th of February.

FB IMG 17058833063865938
Enisa Nikaj Pics

The EP had hit tracks and was entered with average notice from her fanbase. So far since her Career, she has worked with big industry celebrities like Davido A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, G- Eazy and further.

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Modelling Career

Apart from being a vocalist, The beautiful and fantastic Enisa is also a Model. She has modelled for the following companies and associations; Prom Guide Magazine, Wilhelmina Models, C- Heads, Vulkam, Slim, Twelv, Puma, show, Out Now and many other.

Enisa Real Name

Enisa real Name is Enisa Nikaj.

Enisa Nikaj Age

How old is Enisa Nikaj?

Enisa Nikaj is presently 28 years old as at 2024. She was born on the 5th of March, 1996

Enisa Nukaj Religion

Enisa Nikaj is a Muslim, according to a post she made on social media.

Enisa Nikaj Country Of Origin

Enisa hails from Albania, a country located and establish in Southeast Europe. nevertheless, she was born and brought up In the United States of America

Enisa Nikaj Parents

Enisa Nikaj took to her Twitter (X) account to celebrate her parents, and captioned it it

“Today’s my parents 28th anniversary, they’ve been married for 28 YEARS, THIS is my goals. The way they laugh with each other & truly care for one another, They give me the hope that true love exist. They tell me, you just have to be patient & the right person will come along”.

Albums/ Eps

Enisa has just one EP to her name.

  • Fake Love EP( 2022)
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Enisa Nikaj Songs

Enisa has released a couple of songs which include;

  • Burn This Bridge( 2016)
  • Glory Days( 2017)
  • Freedom( 2017)
  • Reunite( 2018)
  • Commodity Beautiful( 2019)
  • Wait For Love( 2019)
  • Love Cycle( 2020)
  • Dumb Boy( 2020)
  • Count My Blessings( 2021)
  • Love Cycle remix ft Davido ( 2021)
  • Tears Hit The Ground( 2021)
  • One Thing( 2022)
  • Get That Money( 2022)
  • Just A Kiss( Muah)( 2022)
  • OLE( 2022)

and many more

Enisa Nikaj Net Worth

Enisa Nikaj Biography
Enisa Nikaj Photo

Enisa Nikaj has an estimated Net Worth of about$ 2-$ 3Million Dollars. She makes her wealth off Royalties from Record Label, Modelling Gigs, Social Media Monetization and numerous further.



Record Labels

Atlantic Records

Social Media

Enisa Nikaj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Age, Songs, Nationality, Net Worth
Enisa Nikaj

You can follow Enisa on

Instagram: (@iamenisa)

Twitter(X): ENISA

Facebook: @ENISA


Enisa is a really good well- known pop Artist, from her Love pop songs to her songs on life gests and being thankful to God, you can not detest or dislike her Music. further heights to the Love Cycle singer.

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Frequently Asked Questions( FAQS)

Q. Who’s Enisa?

A. Enisa a popular American vocalist, Model and Songwriter.

Q. Where is Enisa from?

A. Enisa is from Albania, but born and breed in The US.

Q. Is Enisa a Nigerian?

A. No, Enisa isn’t a Nigerian, she’s Albanian – American.

Q. Is Enisa a Muslim?

A. Yes, Enisa is a Muslim. Where is Enisa Firstly from? Enisa Nikaj is originally from Albania.

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Q. How old is Enisa?

A. Enisa is 28 years old as at 2024.

Q. Where was Enisa Nikaj born?

A. Enisa Nikaj was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Q. How Did Enisa became famous?

A. Enisa Nikaj gained conventional attention after the successful release of her megahit song,” Love Cycle”.

Q. Where Does Enisa live?

A. Enisa Nikaj presently lives in New York City, USA.

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