Miwa Olorunfemi Biography, Wiki, Age, Movies, Instagram, Husband, Pictures, Net Worth

Miwa Olorunfemi well-known as Flairtitude, is a beautiful, talented Nigerian Nollywood Actress, TV presenter, mental health advocate, an entrepreneur and an owner of a perfume brand “Flairgrance” located in Abuja North central. She’s also the CEO of Flairtitude Studio, (a movie production company). She is dark in complexion and currently one of the hottest Actress in the Nollywood industry.

In this Biographical post, we will take a look at Miwa Olorunfemi biography and everything you need to know about her.

She is a renowned Nollywood actress, model, TV and radio presenter, event host, entrepreneur, and the innovative mind behind Flairgrance perfumes.

Real NameMiwa Olorunfemi
Date of Birth8th of October 1997
Place of BirthKogi State
Age26 (as of 2024)
Net Worth$600,000 US Dollars
Miwa Olorunfemi Wiki Profile

Miwa Olorunfemi Biography

Miwa Olorunfemi Biography, Wiki, Age, Movies, Instagram, Husband, Pictures, Net Worth
Miwa Olorunfemi

Miwa Olorunfemi, popularly known as Flairtitude, was born on 8th of October 1997 in Lokoja Kogi State to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Olorunfemi, She is 26 years old as at the time this article was written (2024). She hails from Kogi State Nigeria. Miwa Olorunfemi is a versatile figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

She is well known for been outspoken and very excellent in interpretation.

Miwa’s journey to stardom is an inspiring tale of talent, hard work, and dedication.

Early Life & Education

Miwa Olorunfemi born in Kogi state Nigeria, was brought into a world of different culture and tradition. Growing up, she embraced her roots and learned about her lineage and heritage, which latterly came a significant part of her identity. Miwa’s educational background is a testament to her commitment to excellence. She pursued her academic interests while nurturing her passion for the arts.  An all-around career in entertainment and beyond.

Miwa Olorunfemi Pictures
Miwa Olorunfemi Picture

Miwa Olorunfemi, well-known as Flairtitude, is a dynamic Nigerian personality whose career has encompassed various angles of the entertainment industry.  Born and bred in Nigeria, her trip to fame and recognition has been nothing short of inspiring.

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Miwa Olorunfemi Career

Right from when she was a child, she has this passion of going to Nollywood industry and become popular by making a name for herself, as she was motivated by some Nollywood actress like Rita Dominic and others. Miwa Olorunfemi career started in the Nollywood industry. She started her journey in the year 2019 with the TV series “Halita”, which was followed by another wonderful performance in the ROK TV series “Farin Jini” where she played the role of “Murza”. All this years, Miwa never gave up as she continued to give her fans the best of her. She has also worked with other top celebrities like Rita Dominic, Chidi Mokeme and others.

Miwa Olorunfemi Photos

Her brand (Flairgrance) offers varieties of perfumes that captures the senses and appeal to a diverse clientele.

Aside acting, Miwa Olorunfemi has entered into the realm of television and radio. She graces the airwaves as an On-Air Personality (OAP) at Silverbird Rhythm 94.7FM in Abuja.

Her engaging presence and communication skills and lovely voice, made listeners to love her. Miwa’s role as a TV and radio presenter gives her the room to connect with audiences and share her unique views on various topics.

Miwa’s creativity extends also into the digital world. She has embraced the world of fashion blogging, providing the fashion world with insights into her stylish world.

Furthermore, she’s also into comedy, having collaborations with well-known comedian MC Lively and others to create exciting skits.

Miwa Olorunfemi Biography, Wiki, Age, Movies, Instagram, Husband, Pictures, Net Worth

Miwa Olorunfemi has been featured in a few movies, but the most trending one of the is the latest movie she acted titled “Treasure in the Sky” which featured other superstars like Clinton Joshua, Chinenye Nnebe and Precious Akaeze which saw over 5 million views on YouTube in 3 days upon released on February 1 2024. Currently, the movie is still trending and has gained over 9 Million views, making it the most viewed movie in February 2024.

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Below is a post on her instagram page where she celebrated the movie when it gained 5 Million views in 3 days

Personal Life

Beyond her career, Miwa gives values to her personal life. She is dedicated to her family, tribe, and her hometown which gives a reflection of her deep connection to her roots.

She is a role model who showcases the importance of maintaining cultural ties while pursuing a successful career.

Miwa Olorunfemi also understand the importance of giving back to society. She has been involved in charitable initiatives and social causes, using her influence to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Miwa Olorunfemi Family

Miwa Olorunfemi was born into the loving family of Mr. and Mrs. Olorunfemi. Her parents, have been the pillars of support ever since her life’s journey.

Even though we have no information about her siblings yet, but when we do, we will update this post.


Miwa Olorunfemi born on the 8th of October 1997, in Kogi State is 26 years old as at 2024


Miwa Olorunfemi has been featured in a few movies ever since she ventured into the entertainment industry.

These include;

  • Little Miss Olivia
  • Finding Solace
  • Idia’s Melody
  • A Place Called Regret
  • A Frenzy of Emotions
  • My Single Mother
  • New Heaven
  • Interlocked Hearts
  • Brown Sugar
  • Treasure in the Sky


As of when this post was written (2024), Miwa Olorunfemi is not married. She has yet to walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows because she is more focused on her career and personal growth.

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Despite her popularity, Miwa Olorunfemi has managed to keep her romantic life private, so there is no information about her boyfriend as well, neither do we know if she is in a relationship. Her fans and well-wishers eagerly anticipate any news or updates she chooses to share.


Miwa has also involved herself in social media life, she is more active on her Instagram page where she shares glimpses of her life and career with her followers. Her Instagram handle is

Net Worth

Miwa Olorunfemi career accomplishments have also translated into financial success. She has an estimated net worth of $600,000 US Dollars. She makes her money off her brands and as an actress


In the spotlight and behind the scenes, Miwa Olorunfemi, well-known as Flairtitude, has emerged as an influential and multifaceted figure in Nigeria’s entertainment world. Her journey from a young and determined talent to a successful actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist inspires so many individuals. Her legacy, both on and off the screen, continues to shape Nigeria’s entertainment scene, leaving an indelible mark for generations to come.

More grease to her elbows, as she continues to shine in the limelight.

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Q. Miwa Olorunfemi Age?

A. Miwa Olorunfemi is 26 years old as of 2024

Q. Who is Miwa Olorunfemi Husband?

A. As of when this post was written (2024), Miwa Olorunfemi is not married.

Q. Where is Miwa Olorunfemi From?

A. Miwa Olorunfemi is from Kogi Sate, Nigeria.

Q. Is Miwa Olorunfemi Married?

A. No she is not married as at when this post was written (2024)

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