Nons Miraj Biography, Age, Career, Pictures, Net Worth, Surgery, Instagram, Husband

Nons Miraj Biography, Age, Career, Pictures, Net Worth, Surgery, Instagram, Boyfriend, Husband

Chinonso Ukah born on the 27th of May, 1995, Popularly known by the “Moniker,” or “Ada Jesus”, is a popular Nigerian Actress, Influencer, Comedian, and General Content Creator. She’s Popularly known for having many different skills or qualities in Content Creation from Acting to Comedy to Hosting Online Blind Dates for Social Media Content.

In this Biographical post, we will take a look at Nons Miraj Biography and everything you need to know about the Popular Nigerian Influencer and Content Creator.

Nons Miraj Biography

Early Life & Education

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Nons Miraj was born on the 27th of May, 1995 in Nkporo, Abia State, Eastern Nigeria. She’s of the Igbo Tribe and speaks the Igbo language. Talking about her Education, Nons Miraj attended Babcock University ( a faith-based educational institute that integrates the totality of Christian faith side by side with academic programs) according to Wikipedia She graduated with a degree in Public Administration.

No concrete information is known about her family background. further word coming your way.


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In general, we can call her an Influencer and a Content Creator. She’s known to be an Actress, Instagram Influencer, and Social Media Content Creator. She started her funny career Finally 2015, after starring In the Nollywood Horror film, “Quiet”.

Since her Amusement career, she has starred in numerous pictures including “Pandora’s Box”, “Our Woman”, ” Amiss” and lots more. Nons, AKA Ada Jesus, also took a turn to Comedy/ Squib Making. She’s Popularly known for her Magical- mama derisions which she posts on her Social Media Handles, especially Instagram. Nons Miraj is also known for Hosting Online Blind Dates between people who have not met ahead. She’s indeed a Content Creation mammoth. So far in her career, she has worked with Big Names like Kanayo O. Kanayo, Don Jazzy, Peruzzi, and other Celebrities and Personalities.

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Nons Miraj Age

Nons Miraj is presently 29 years old as of 2024. She was born on the 27th of May, 1995.

Nons Miraj YouTube

You can watch Nons Miraj’s YouTube videos when you visit her YouTube channel

Nons Miraj Blind Date

Nons Miraj Hunt game show
Nons Miraj Hunt game show

Nons Miraj hosts blind dates in her haunt game show where she brings two different persons (male and female) and sees if they would match up for a relationship.

Nons Miraj Net Worth

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Nons Miraj has an estimated Net Worth of about $50k-$100k United States Dollars. She makes her plutocrat off her Amusement career, Content Creation, Social Media Handles Monetization, Brand Promotion, and more.

Nons Miraj Instagram

Nons Miraj Instagram Handle is @Nons_Miraj. You can also follow her on other Social Media platforms with the same Handle.

Nons Miraj Surgery

Nons Miraj is known to have made quite some improvements in her body thanks to Surgery. She has enhanced her nose and butts. In a viral Social Media videotape in 2023, It can be seen that a surgery expert was fitting a hype
to the Nasal Area of Nons Miraj’s Face. She also did BBL which in full, stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. Which involves the blowup of a person’s Booty.

Social Media

Facebook Nons Miraj Instagram@nons_miraj

Tik Tok@nons_miraj


Nons Miraj has shown that Social Media content creation can take one to a whole new position if you put your mind and creativity into it. Thumbs up to her for such knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Nons Miraj is from which state?

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A. Nons Miraj is from Abia State, Eastern Nigeria.

Q. Where is Nons Miraj from?

A. Nons Miraj is from Abia State, Eastern Nigeria, West Africa.

Q. How old is Nons Miraj?

A. Nons Miraj is 28 times old as of 2023. She was born on the 27th of May, 1995.

Q. Who’s Nons Miraj?

A. Nons Miraj AKA Ada Jesus, is a popular Nigerian Actress, Social Media Influencer, and Content Creator.

Q. Is Nons Miraj married?

A. No, Nons Miraj is not married as of 2023.

Q. How old is Chinonso Ukah?

A. Chinonso Ukah AKA Nons Miraj, Ada Jesus, is 28 times old.

Q. What’s the full name of Nons Miraj?

A. Nons Miraj Full Name is Chinonso Ukah. Thanks For Visiting Our Website, Have a nice day!

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