See Full Compilation Of All The Gifts Mummy Zee Was Offered, Including Kuda Bank, Infinix And Over 70 Others

Victor Duru Deborah Loveth, popularly known as Mummy Zee, without any doubt, has been trending on social media, particularly Twitter, having the best breakthrough of her life at the moment as over 70 persons and groups have celebrated her love story with offers and gifts. The mother of one has gotten over ₦3 million in donations, a land offer, a three-bedroom offer, and many others.

See the Full Compilation Of All The Gifts Mummy Zee Was Offered, Including Kuda Bank, Infinix, And Over 70 Others.
TrendyReelGist lists all the fantastic various offers varying from Kuda Bank, Infinix Phones, and many other companies and individuals Mummy Zee has been given or promised.

See Full Compilation Of All The Gifts Mummy Zee Was Offered, Including Kuda Bank, Infinix And Over 70 Others

After being dragged for saying she wakes up by 4:50 am to cook for her husband, Mummy Zee has become the talk of the town and an instant millionaire.

After her tweet went viral, government agencies, private institutions, and well-mean Nigerians have supported her with money and other amazing offers.

If care is not been taken, Mummy Zee may lose track of the offers as they are now over 70 at the time of this report.
They include a ₦2 million gift from Kuda Bank, two latest Infinix phones for herself and her husband, and land in an estate in Ibadan.

Without surprise, people are still offering and making promises to Mummy Zee and her husband.

See Full Compilation Of All The Gifts Mummy Zee Was Offered, Including Kuda Bank, Infinix And Over 70 Others

See Full Compilation Of All The Gifts Mummy Zee Was Offered

Full list of over 70 gifts and offers Mummy Zee received

As compiled by @BadonB, below is the list of offers Mummy Zee got:

  1. @SchooliPlyHQ offered to help her get admission anywhere in the world.
  2. @TravoolyHQ and Tunde Omotoye offered to process a visit visa to Canada for Mummy Zee and her husband free of charge
  3. Cross, @Elkrosmediahub, offered a 65-inch Samsung smart TV for his boss and a DSTV decoder with a year compact plus subscription.
  4. Don Castro, @LarryRichei17, promised Mummy Zee a nice TV stand with pictures.
  5. Winston Adaete, @Adaete1, promised Mummy Zee’s husband a ProBook 11×360 for his data analytics learning.
  6. Nwanbunwanne Odiari, @jaecougar, offered Mummy Zee’s husband a handcrafted beaded cap.
  7. Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), @nnpclimited, gifted Mummy Zee a N200k PMS voucher redeemable in any of their over 900 retail stations across Nigeria.
  8. Filhouse Cinemas, @FilmhouseCinema, offered Mummy Zee and her husband a private viewing at the cube in February 2024.
  9. The Spirit Group, @_TheSpiritGroup gifted Mummy Zee N1 million.
  10. Shadowlite, @SHADOWLITELXRY, offered Mummy Zee a painting of herself and her husband to beautify their wall.
  11. @Kemi_Blues offered brand-new Nigerian jerseys to Mummy Zee and her husband.
  12. Toby, @tobywood, gifted Mummy Zee a finished wardrobe.
  13. Ray Cypher, @raycypherSf, offered to get Mummy Zee an iPhone 14pro.
  14. First Doctor @FirstDoctor, offered a year’s supply of child diapers to Mummy Zee’s unborn child. 15. Floor Nigeria, @floornigeria, offered to floor Mummy Zee’s bedroom with a wooden floor.
  15. Travel Doctor and his abroad group, @UniCollegeLink_, offered Mummy Zee visa sponsorship, application fee waiver, tuition scholarship, and admission to study in Canada.
  16. @OJU_EKO1 offered Mummy Zee a window blind for her house.
  17. Anita Vams, @a_vanita, offered Mummy Zee and her husband perfumes, a home diffuser, and room spray.
  18. Lawyer Inibehe Effiong, @InibeheEffiong, offered Mummy Zee and her family pro bono retainership from January to December 2024.
  19. @_DeejustDee offered to teach Mummy Zee’s coming kid cybersecurity for free.
  20. Nkeiruka Ibeawuchi, @Nkeiruka_Ibe, offered to do artwork for Mummy Zee and her husband without charge.
  21. @Izunwa_CITO offered her a six-by-six mattress.
  22. @RaeyesApparel offered to sew any outfit of Mummy Zee’s choosing for free.
  23. @madamayo_ offered two rugs to Mummy Zee for free.
  24. Dr Chinonso Egbema, @aproko_doctor, offered to pay for Mummy Zee’s family’s health insurance for one year and an insecticide supply for the coming baby.
  25. Johnvents Foods, @johnvents_foods, offered a free supply of their chocolate drink for six months.
  26. Ben Kingsley Nwashara, @Benking443, offered free delivery of the car Mummy Zee was promised.
  27. Career Matters NG, @careermattersng, offered to help Mummy Zee and her husband find suitable jobs.
  28. Infinix Nigeria, @InfinixNigeria, offered Mummy Zee and her husband its latest phone, the Infinix Hot 40.
  29. @Iamchibyk offered a free window blind for the couple.
  30. @Wizarab10 delivered a Smart TV and DSTV subscription for a year to Mummy Zee.
  31. @Iyke offered N200k for shopping for the coming baby and offered to place Mummy Zee’s family on health insurance.
  32. @FixamAfrica gifted her new non-stick pots and two stove gas cookers.
  33. @tezzybaby_ offered the couple a free couple photo session.
  34. @myaimtoget gifted the couple a one-year data supply (1 terabyte).
  35. @jeffreycruzly bought Mummy Zee an iPhone 13
  36. 37. @May48clothing gifted the couple matching hoodies.
  37. tailor, @mrklassiq_ offered Mummy Zee’s husband agbada wear.
  38. @femi_golden gifted her husband a Dell laptop.
  39. @SDX_Trades offered to teach Mummy Zee how to trade crypto and fund his trading account.
  40. @shugaglow_ offered Mummy Zee two gowns for pregnant women.
  41. @ArkitectAkanmu offered her a smart screen TV and a moderate entertainment unit.
  42. Kiakia Delivery App, @KiakiaHQ, offered free delivery service within Lagos to Mummy Zee.
  43. Tech Esq., @NOTIMEisNOTIME, offered Mummy Zee and her hubby free legal representation throughout 2024.
  44. @Kemsan_acres offered Mummy Zee and her husband land in one of their estates in Ibadan.
  45. @miss_she_du offered Mummy Zee 10 packs of small chops for her coming baby’s naming ceremony.
  46. @ezekiel_aleke offered to teach Mummy Zee’s husband data analysis for free.
  47. @spyarewareturn offered Mummy Zee and her family free shopping at Ado Bayero Mall.
  48. @Sakaslist offered her a bottle of groundnut oil and 25kg of rice.
  49. @bedsheetgirll offered Mummy Zee a new bedsheet.
  50. @platnova offered to cover her family’s electricity bill for a year.
  51. @WesabiHQ offered to repaint her room for free.
  52. @DentistNearMeNG offered Mummy Zee and her husband free dental scaling and polishing tabs.
  53. @gsubzonline offered Mummy Zee N100k payment for her electricity bill and 120GB of data.
  54. @real_emjay23 offered Mummy Zee’s husband an iPhone 13 and an HP laptop.
  55. @_Gabenemor offered to create a new business website for free should the couple consider starting a business and need one.
  56. @Crypto4bailout offered the couple a new generator.
  57. @reallest_gee offered her an iPhone product.
  58. @wanjohn1 offered her six months of free maintenance for their promised car.
  59. @SabisubNG offered Mummy Zee’s mother-in-law a five-figure worth of airtime.
  60. @mami_dee offered free make-up services for Mummy Zee for her forthcoming naming ceremony.
  61. @NITDANigeria offered Mumy Zee two laptops and a year of internet subscription.
  62. @senibobo offered four new tyres for their coming car.
  63. @hav3rs offered to pay for Mummy Zee’s X blue tick subscription.
  64. Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA), @oyshia_oy, offered Mummy Zee a Family Plan package under the state’s health insurance scheme.
  65. @Oludeewon offered to process her admission and scholarship to anywhere in the world.
  66. @ThePsalms_NG offered Mummy corporate shoes for her husband.
  67. @BestDataNG1 offered Mummy Zee and her husband N100k airtime and 100GB of data.
  68. @_BobMfonmma offered the couple a washing machine.
  69. Kuda Bank, @joinkuda, gifted her N2 million.
  70. @BadonB offered her husband a 2012 Lexus car and lots more.
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See the compiled list in the tweet below:

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