Macky 2 Biography, Albums, Age, Songs, Brother, Wife, Real Name, Net Worth

Mulaza Kaira born on the 10th of October, 1984 well-known by the stage name, Macky 2, is a well-known Zambian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor, and Brother to well-known Zambian Rapper, Chef 187. He’s known for songs like “I Am The President“, “Number 1 Fan” and more.

In this Biographical post, we will have insight into the Biography of Popular Zambian Rapper, Macky 2.

Macky 2 Biography

Early Life and Background

Macky 2 Biography, Albums, Age, Songs, Brother, Wife, Real Name, Net Worth
Macky 2 Picture

Macky 2 was born on the 10th of October, 1984 in Zambia, Luanshya precisely. He has two siblings, the popular Chef 187, who’s also a well-known Rapper, for whom Macky 2 is his role model, and their sister, Towera Kaira. From his early childhood years, Macky 2 loved Music and decided to take it as a profession.

Music Career

Macky 2 Biography, Albums, Age, Songs, Brother, Wife, Real Name, Net Worth

Macky 2 started his music career in the late 2000s. In 2011, he released his debut studio Album titled “Ndimupondo“, which was released under Digital X Label with Alpha Entertainment and J-Kayo. The first appearance Album had two popular Hit tracks, which are; “I Am The President” and “Number 1 Fan”. In 2012, he released two Albums “Legendary” (which won him Album of the Year from the Zambian Music Awards) and “Too Much Influence”. In 2013, he released his Fourth Studio Album titled “Zero To Hero“. In 2018, his fifth Studio Album “Ghetto President”, was released and in 2022, Macky 2 again released his Sixth Studio Album titled “OLIBAJA” after which he decided to retire from vital Music.

Macky 2 Biography
Macky 2 Pics

Aside from being a Singer and a Rapper, Macky 2 is also a Reality TV Show Star. He contested along the side of fellow housemates in the Ninth Season of Big Brother Africa. He held up until he was abolished in third place in the Ninth and final week of the Reality TV show. Since his career so far, he has worked with top acts like; AKA, Dalisoul, Chef 187 (his brother), and more. He has also received numerous Awards and nominations from various Awards Ceremonies.

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Macky 2 Albums

Mack 2 has released a series of Albums, which include;

  • Ndimupondo (2011)
  • Legendary (2012)
  • Too Much Influence (2012)
  • Zero To Hero (2013)
  • Ghetto President (2018)
  • OLIBAJA (2022)

Macky 2 Songs

Macky 2 has released and featured in a couple of music, which include;

  • I Am The President (2011)
  • Number 1 Fan (2011)
  • Favour – Mami (niuze) (2011)
  • Feeling Feeling (2012)
  • Nangu Banchinge (2012)
  • Mukulu (2012)
  • Without You (2012)
  • Too Much Influence (2012)
  • Ngani Gelo Wandi (2012)
  • Pamaka (2012)
  • Why (2012)
  • Land Lord (2012)
  • Mama Rebecca (2015)
  • Mrs Me (2020)
  • Early Life (2020)
  • Sancho (Mwabombeni) (2021)
  • Alabalansa (2021)
  • Google– Beautiful Night ft AKA (2021)…and many more.

Macky 2 Net Worth

Macky 2 has an estimated Net Worth of about $50k-$70k US Dollars, which when converted to Zambian currency, it’s equivalent to K1Million-K2Million Zambian Kwacha. He makes his money off Label Royalties, His Music, Show performances, Brand Ambassador Deals and Endorsement, and lots more.


How Old Is Macky 2?

Macky 2 is currently 40 years old as at the time this blog post was written (2024). He was born on the 10th of October, 1984.

Macky 2 Real Name

Macky 2 Real Name is Mulaza Kaira.

Macky 2 Wife

Currently, Macky 2 is married to his wife, Cheelo Hantiinga with whom he has two children. The duo got married in 2015 and have been together Ever since.

Macky 2 Brother

Macky 2 Has a younger brother, who’s also a Rapper and goes by the stage name of Chef 187. Chef 187 is also a seasoned Zambian Rapper and immediate younger brother to Macky 2.


Hip Hop, R&B, Dunka Music, KalindulaRecord Labels, Alpha Entertainment, Kalandanya Music Promotion.

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Social Media Handles

nstagram: Macky2 (@macky2kopala)

Twitter (X): Macky2 Official (@macky2umupondo)

Facebook: Macky 2


From a young lover of Music to one of the faces and pioneers of Zambian Rap, Macky 2 has surely created a name for himself, which will live on for many generations to come.

Thanks for reading my blog post, please read more below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How Old is Macky 2?

A. Macky 2 is currently 41 years old as of 2024.

Q. How many siblings does Macky 2 have?

A. Macky has 2 siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Q. How many children does Macky 2 have?

A. Macky 2 has Two Children.

Q. Who is Macky 2?

A. Macky 2 is a popular Zambian Rapper and Singer

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