My Boyfriend Is Insisting On Getting Me Pregnant But I’m Not Ready For a Child- Young Lady Cries Out

A young lady has taken to social media to cry out to the public over her boyfriend’s character on insisting on getting her pregnant.
In an anonymous post, she disclosed that doesn’t want to be a mother until she gets to her mid-30s but her boyfriend is so bent about his decision towards her.

She wrote: “I’ve only been dating this new boyfriend for a month and he would mention things like how “he would be willing to get me pregnant in the future”.
One day, he then made another comment saying if I was to get pregnant NOW, he wouldn’t find it an issue. I was shocked but he was 100% serious whilst saying it.


I said I don’t want to be a mother until I’m in my mid-30s and he has kept deaf ears about my decision, saying it’s going to happen sooner [before I reach that age]. Whenever I repeat no kids until I’m in my 30s these days, he will get angry, and want to hit me

When I showed him I was very serious about this baby talk, he just said I should chill out, we will have them when the time is right, and those conversations we had were just banterish

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Is this man looking to trap me, or am I overthinking? If so should I end this relationship? He did mention I was out of his this the reason?

See her post below

Young lady
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