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Victor James Osimhen MFR, born on December 29, 1998, is a 6ft Nigerian soccer player.
He serves as a forward for Napoli in the Italian Serie A and represents the Nigerian national team.
He is known as a top-notch striker globally and is recognized for his exceptional goal-scoring ability, speed, power, and physical prowess.

Victor Osimhen started his career at the German VfL Wolfsburg (Verein für Leibesübungen) in 2017 and has since risen to stardom.

/Victor Osimhen Salary

The 24-year-old star who formed his dream on the streets of Lagos, has proven his skills by emerging as one of the all-time leading goal scorers for the Super Eagles.

Despite his obstacles, such as injuries, adjustments to new leagues, and the pressure associated with high expectations.

Osimhen has strived to maintain peak physical condition throughout the season, while balancing this with the mental demands, including pressure, and competition for positions.

Exploring Osimhen’s early days at VfL Wolfsburg reveals his commitment to improving his skills and leaving a mark on the football field. His notable achievements during this period highlighted the early signs of his goal-scoring talent.

Is Victor Osimhen’s Salary enough to take care of his family?

Moving from the German football scene to the global stage, Osimhen’s contributions to the Nigerian national team deserve special mention.

Not only has he been a consistent performer internationally, but he has also played a pivotal role in key tournaments, such as the U-17 World Cup in 2015, and the Europa League in 2021/2022.

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Because of his excellent activity on the field, soccer enthusiasts, from home and abroad have increasingly become interested in his salary range.

“How much is Victor Osimhen’s salary?”
“Has Victor Osimhen’s salary increased in the last 5 years?”
“How much is Victor Osimhen’s salary per week?”

These are questions that have lingered on the minds of his fans, and upcoming players who look up to him.

Beyond the field, Victor Osimhen, a proud father of a beautiful adorable daughter, takes to social media to share glimpses of his family life.
His dedication to family and career led him to embrace the elite football movement early on, driving his daily pursuit of success.

Victor Osimhen Salary
Victor Osimhen with a child

Victor Osimhen Salary

In a recent contract extension set to run until 2025, Osimhen’s salary doubled to €10 million per season.

Thinking about this, Victor Osimhen’s salary should be enough to cater to his daughter’s needs and more. But, what exactly is the figure?
Scroll up.

Victor Osimhen Salary

According to financial reports from relevant football organizations, Victor Osimhen is almost at the peak of his football career and earns approximately ₦5.9BN a year.

However, he didn’t always earn that much at the start of his professional journey.

In 2020, Napoli secured Osimhen from Lille by shelling out a hefty €70 million (£60 million/$76 million), and they added another €10 million (£9 million/$11 million) for extra perks.

Victor Osimhen

Every week, Osimhen currently pockets £113,000, culminating in an annual income of £5,876,000 as Napoli’s striking force.

His current net worth stands at £24,310,000, solidifying his status as one of Nigeria’s highest-paid footballers, earning around ₦206.6 million weekly as of December 2023.

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Details of Osimhen’s new contract show us how football finances are changing. The discussions, sponsorships, and extra benefits all add up to shape how much he earns.

Victor Osimhen’s story, starting from the streets of Lagos to becoming one of Nigeria’s highest-paid footballers, is an interesting one.

As he continues to make headlines on the field, his inspiring journey serves as a beacon for aspiring players and fans alike, reminding us that dreams nurtured with passion can indeed turn into remarkable realities.


Exploring his life and career, his success has impacted the football industry, and the global community.

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